Free Forge Vapor Wholesale Kits

When it’s a sure thing, it’s not called an investment, it’s called a smart decision.

Free Forge Vapor Wholesaler Kits

No unsolicited samples, phone stalking, or crazy minimum orders, we’ve constructed a $300 retail introduction kit that’s available for any and all vapor distributors, absolutely free.

Welcome to Forge, a vaping experience unlike any other. For the consumer, our products are the pinnacle of vapecraft. For the wholesaler, they’re the cornerstone of a successful shop. We couldn’t offer this deal for anyone who wants it if we didn’t already know Forge will be a winner for you.

What’s Included:

  • 20 50 mL bottles of Forge Vapor Eliquid (2 of each flavor in .3 nicotine level)
  • 10 15 mL counter samples (1 of each flavor in 0 nicotine)
  • 25 Forge Vapor Stickers
  • 2 Forge Vapor Shirts
  • 10 Forge Vapor Flavor Cards (Ring Bound)
  • 1 2×3 Forge Vapor Wall Poster
  • 1 Forge Vapor Ordering and info card

That’s everything you need to get off to a running start with Forge Vapor at your location, with no investment. Once you’ve sold out (likely in days) we’ve already earned the money you can use to reorder, it’s as simple as that.

The Real Deal

We don’t mind earning our spot on your shelves. We’re not scared to go head to head with any E-Liquid out there. Forge Vapor is a rapidly growing All Day Vape for vapers all over the US, and we want to make sure every vapor retailer has the chance to experience the Forge difference in their shop.

Get your Free Wholesaler Kit simply and easily

To get your kit, just fill out the form below. We need to know a little bit about you, and we’d love it if you took the time to browse around our site and learn a little about us, you’ll find we’re the vapor partner you’ve been looking for.