How Do I Order?

Are You A Vaper or a Vapor Retailer?

For Vapers

Information for VapersForge E-Liquids are available at fine vapor retailers all over the United States (and even a few Internationally!). At this time, we do not sell direct to the end vaper, to find Forge E-Liquids, you can consult our retail and online locations page, hopefully, there’s a retailer near you, if not, you can always pick up a bottle at one of our quality online retailers!

If not, there’s a simple solution…

Shoot us an email with your location and some details on your local shop. We’ll be happy to give them a call and let them know about us. We have Account Managers whose job it is to work with retail vapor shops and we’d be happy to send them some samples and ordering information. It always helps to be an advocate for the products you want to see in your local area, and a little talk with your local shop owner can go a long way toward helping us help you.

For Vapor Retailers

Information For Vape ShopsHead over to our Wholesaler Information page, where you can fill out a quick and easy¬†form that will get some samples headed your way, and put you in contact with one of our top flight Account Managers. It’s their job to work with you to get your initial order and wholesale account all worked out, and they’re exceptionally talented at it. They’ve also got the answers to any questions about our product you might have, or they can get them for you. ¬†You can also just give us a call between 9-5 CST Monday through Friday at 1-800-668-0472.