Forge Manufacturing

Quality Starts With Standards

Forge Vapor ManufacturingWe understand how you will use our products, and have rigorously tested them to ensure a quality crafted vaping experience. In order to provide that experience consistently, we produce our products in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited facility, and we also hold a cGMP certification for adhering to quality manufacturing standards across all industries. Our laboratory, production, and shipping facilities are located in America’s industrial heartland: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Every Forge E-Liquid is 100% Diacetyl free. How do we know our E-Liquids are free of Diacetyl? Simple, we don’t put it there in the first place. Because we take vapor seriously, we understand our consumer, and we understand there are some ingredients that may create exceptional flavor, but that you do not want in your products. We have chemically engineered every one of our E-Liquids from the ground up, using top quality ingredients sourced from trusted US suppliers who make chemicals, not vape flavorings. Additionally, we have a PHD Chemist and Chemical Engineer on staff, full time, to navigate the science of creating E-Liquid properly.

At Forge Vapor, we believe it’s our job to create an exceptional flavor experience for you, not use someone else’s product to create a E-Liquid that looks different, but functions exactly the same as every other product on the market.