High Temperature Vaping?

Better Technology Means a Need For Better E-Liquid

Even novice vapers know, temperature means everything when it comes to flavor and vapor production. Finding the right balance between heat and airflow is a matter of what types of atomizers and batteries you like to use. There are literally thousands of different kinds on the market.

but what do they all have in common?

It’s a simple question, and the answer is the reason we crafted an E-Liquid line specifically built to handle higher temperatures.

Every vaping device on the market works as a balance between 3 things:

  • Power
  • Airflow
  • Temperature

The power of your battery is determined by both your wattage (or joule if you’re on temp. control) and the resistance of your atomizer coil. Newer vaping equipment typically operates at what are called “sub-ohm” ranges, meaning the resistance of the atomizer coil is simply, less than one ohm. In a technical sense, this just means that electricity flows more efficiently through your device, so you’ll need more power to the heat you need to vape, but as a result, you’ll have much better control over it.

Legacy devices operate on a very quick heat to maximum temperatures, whereas sub-ohm vaping creates a slower ramp up time, which, for many vapers, is a more pleasant way to vape. In addition, the ability to use airflow to regulate your level of heat means that at sub-ohm ranges, you can temper your heat with higher airflow, to perfectly craft the vape you prefer. We think, and the industry is showing every day, that this control is what vapers want. The trouble is, there are few E-Liquid products on the market that perform consistently well at high temperatures.

Until Now. 


Forge E-Liquids Are TRULY Crafted

We balanced our recipes to include the perfect VG/PG ratios for each flavor, and just the right amount of flavorings (and the right flavoring ingredients) to be able to handle higher temperatures. Our experience is that many of the “top quality” or “premium” E-Liquids on the market have one or more ingredients that aren’t capable of handling heat, and those ingredients can spoil the whole experience when you push them past the temperatures they can handle. In short, they become acrid because they are being burnt, not vaporized.

How do we know so much about how to create E-Liquid?

Check out our Certifications page, our lab is cutting edge vape tech, and we created Forge Vapor for ourselves as much as we did anyone else. Our entire line is a testament to doing things right by doing them yourself.

Not every ingredient can handle through the roof heat, even the ones we use. We’ve done our best to deliver an E-Liquid line that performs well in newer vaping equipment and hardware; Because if hardware manufacturers are using technology to innovate, shouldn’t E-Liquid manufacturers be too?