Eliquid Crafted for the Way You Vape

Every Forge Vapor flavor is designed to hold up under high temperatures for outstanding flavor no matter your temperature or wattage settings.
High Temperature Vaping

The Forge is where heat and creativity combine to create vaping artistry. Our entire line has been tested, then retested, for optimal results under even the highest temperatures modern vaping hardware can create. No burnt ingredients, No sour aftertastes, just a top quality, american made flavor experience that's been crafted to satisfy even the most discerning vaper. Forge E-Liquids have been hand crafted to deliver a vaping experience unlike anything available today, with temperature variable flavor profiles that subtly change as you alter the temperature you vape at.

Artisan Vanilla

Solid and True, Artisan Vanilla is a real workhorse. A clean vanilla flavor that’s not oily, smoky, or filled with extras, it’s a pure vanilla vape at any temperature.

Blueberry Boss

We’ve hammered together the perfect Blueberry Custard flavor just for you. Blueberry Boss is a clear and sweet blueberry fused with a heavy dairy cream that grows stronger with higher temperatures

Crucible Cream

The Crucible is where heat works it’s magic. A warm and sweet marriage of strawberries and cream that gives you more strawberry at lower temps, and heavier, thicker cream flavor at higher temps.


Hold in the heat with the best Cinnamon vape you’ll ever tank up. Firebrick is a sweet and creamy Cinnamon with just enough heat to glow without melting. Turn up the heat if you want more intense sweetness.

Georgia Striker

An all day flavor for those whose Vapecraft is a labor of love. Georgia Striker is a dead on Peach flavor so sweet and juicy, it refreshes.

Jacked Apple

Flame Seared Harvest Apple with a smoky touch of Cinnamon and Graham. We’ve Jacked up the flavor to satisfy even the most die hard Vapesmith. When the temperature goes up, the heat goes up.

Molten Berry

Turn up the heat and watch Molten Berry shine. It’s a sweet raspberry delight that carries a light tartness at low heat, and turns mouth wateringly sweet at higher temperatures.

Melon Quench

Quench yourself with a Watermelon flavor that was born to make steam. Melon Quench is a juicy, wet watermelon flavor that stays light even at high heat. Add heat for a unique sour touch.

Smith’s Apple

Hammer away on this all day Apple flavor. Smith’s Apple is a clean and sweet Grannysmith Apple with just the right amount of tart to balance the sweet. Want more sweet? Just turn up the heat.

Tempered Citrus

We’ve Tempered the citrus high note, so you can unleash the heat. Tempered Citrus is a blend of juicy sweet orange and a dash of cranberry flavor complimented by a light Graham Cracker Crumble.

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